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NEAFS Strawberry 1.5% Nicotine Sticks – Pack (20 Sticks)


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Product Overview:

  • NEAFS Strawberry 1.5% Nicotine Sticks
  • Refreshing and tangy strawberry taste
  • 100% tobacco-free
  • One pack contains 20 NEAFS nicotine sticks
  • 1.2ml e-liquid per pack / 0.06ml per stick
  • No tobacco, No ash, No lingering odour
  • Only minimal cleaning required

Looking for a product that will satisfy both your nicotine and strawberry cravings? NEAFS Strawberry Nicotine Sticks are at your service.

Offering a tangy and refreshing strawberry taste, our NEAFS strawberry-flavoured heated sticks will provide you with a mesmerising heated tobacco experience.

The taste isn’t overly sugary and artificial. On the contrary, it’s as fresh as you can imagine, perfect to compliment any occasion and whenever you want to experience the taste of nature.

Available online and in most WHSmith travel stores, our nicotine sticks also come in other flavours if you get bored with strawberries.

What makes our NEAFS heated sticks unique is the lack of tobacco leaves. Indeed, all our nicotine sticks are tobacco-free, containing nicotine-infused premium tea blends.

That way, we can provide our customers with a unique heated tobacco experience that’s healthier compared to tobacco-based nicotine products.

Wrapped and sealed to maintain freshness and flavour, NEAFS nicotine sticks will soon become your favourite, especially when used with a dedicated TEO heating device.

Total Qty = 20 NEAF Sticks

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90-95% reduction of chemicals and emissions

90-95% reduction of chemicals and emissions

Reduced risk profile

Cigarettes produce high amounts of carbon monoxide, NEAFS doesn’t.

90-95% reduction

NEAFS sticks have on average, a 90-95% reduction in chemicals and emissions when compared to tobacco cigarette and other heated tobacco competitors

No tobacco product is safe

Quitting tobacco is always the best option for your health. Compared to classic and heated tobacco cigarettes, NEAFS sticks have no tobacco.

*Based on a.) a report evidence published by Public Health England (2022) comparing electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco to smoking tobacco, and b.) machine, lab measured data testing NEAFS vapour with other heated tobacco products.

Save up to €3,000 a year with NEAFS**


NEAFS Sticks

Per 20 pack**
Per Year**

You Save



**Potential saving does not include the cost of a TEO device. Calculation compares the average cost of smoking 20 cigarettes and 20 NEAFS tobacco sticks per day. The current average selling price of a pack of 20 cigarettes in the U.K. is £12.77 (ONS data December 2022).

Heated tobacco experience

Compared to other heated tobacco devices, our TEO device heats, an industry best, 20+ sticks per charge. That’s 4x the usage of other popular brands and heated tobacco alternatives!

Furthermore, our patented heating device deploys a leading-edge heating process that provides unparalleled consumer satisfaction. If you’re looking for a fresh and exciting heated tobacco experience, NEAFS provides you with the gateway you seek.

Available in 4 core colours – blue, green, rose, and grey – choose a TEO that fits your style, and stand out from the crowd.


Why choose NEAFS?

What separates NEAFS from other heated cigarettes is our unique approach to heated tobacco. Namely, our products DO NOT contain tobacco. Instead, NEAFS heated sticks feature a sophisticated blend of premium cellulose, meticulously infused with nicotine and an array of flavors.

Compatible with many devices, the NEAFS Stick offers a fantastic alternative nicotine delivery system to conventional cigarettes and other heated tobacco alternatives, avoiding the release of toxins that are created when a cigarette is burnt.

Start your journey with NEAFS today!


What makes NEAFS amazing

What NEAFS users are saying

Excellent quality and taste. Recomened



Had been a 20+ a day smoker for 40 years but within 2 to 3 days of trying Neafs I haven't smoked for nearly 3 months. The great thing about Neafs are 3 fold, 1. You have something to hold 2. You get the nicotine hit that you need without the health risk 3. The huge savings you make.
Would highly recommend to anyone who wants to quit.


Philip Olby

Really good alternative to tobacco and good flavours... enjoying them so far.


Haydn markland

LIVE WITH NEAFS@neafsofficial
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